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  • Researchers at the University of Calgary have created a fast, inexpensive point-of-care test for the detection of biomarkers of infectious and chronic diseases in clinical samples. This innovative method has a high degree of specificity and sensitivity, without any need for sample preparation or purification and all this in a timely manner.
  • Our TreAsure Assay technology is based on enzyme complementation and produces glucose as a signalling molecule, which can be easily measured with a glucometer. This glucose level is proportional with antibodies/biomarkers in the sample. Frequent testing and support by a smart phone app allows you follow up on the level of infection.

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Jeroen De Buck, MSc, PhD


Jeroen is founder of Creative Protein Solutions Inc. He received his Master's in Bioengineering sciences, majoring in cell and gene technologies, his Master's in Laboratory Animal Sciences as well as his PhD in Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University in Belgium. Jeroen is Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Calgary.

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Daria Venkova, MBT


Daria is a graduate of the Biomedical Technologies Masters program at University of Calgary with a background in Zoology. Daria brings a firsthand perspective on the importance of cattle health to Creative Protein Solutions from her own experience with cattle, that she keeps with her family in Claresholm, Alberta.