TreAsure Assays

Creative Protein Solutions (CPS) has created biosensors for infectious diseases and inflammation biomarkers, using the patent-pending TreAsure Assay technology, developed at the University of Calgary. 

This new approach relies on split enzyme complementation and produces glucose as the signalling molecule, which can be easily measured using existing or custom made glucometers. 

The enzyme trehalase (TreA), split into two non-functional fragments, is fused to specific sensing elements. For detecting antibodies, the enzyme fragments are fused with specific antigens. For detecting biomarkers of chronic disease other sensing elements are incorporated. Binding of the sensing element to the antibodies or biomarkers leads to complementation and activation of TreA, which will catalyse the hydrolysis of the substrate trehalose, resulting into glucose molecules.

Lab-based TreAsure Assays convert glucose into a colorimetric signal. 

Point-of-Care TreAsure Assays are integrated with existing or CPS's own glucometer technology.

Publications: Our technology has been peer-reviewed: